Sacred Space

AugiesSacredSpaceIf you have visited Augie's and wish to purchase art from the show please contact Melanie Papp at or 909.709.1661. Reception to be held Wednesday February 10 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Meet the artist and purchase art. Hors d'oeuvres provided. Support Augie's with your purchase of coffee or tea.

Sacred Space

The way each of us understands sacred space affects the way we find meaning and truth in our daily lives. 

Usually we associate the concept of sacred space with places specifically designated for spiritual or religious purposes and other locations of importance within a cultural context, such as Stonehenge and The Dome of the Rock. However, if we consider specifically for whom and why these places were set aside as sacred space, we can broaden our understanding of sacred space to include the time and place in which we live. 

People like you and I, influence the development of new and different sacred spaces in our own communities. Any place may become sacred space when we decide to set them aside for such a purpose.

So, what if you were to set aside a place here, at a table, with a cup of coffee? What if you make the purpose of that place sacred? Having a personal place set aside for a holy encounter is not really about a building or a particular location; rather it is about a place we choose to set aside for the purpose of spiritual contemplation.

"Sacred Space" is a short photographic story of just one of the many places I have found for that spiritual purpose. Sacred space is the place where I meet God.

The photographic technique in this series is simple and uncomplicated. As you consider each image I encourage you to take note of what is in focus. In some images the focused area may be easily seen while in others an obstruction leaves the focused area somewhat unclear. These images represent an analogy of sacred space. Though truth isn't always self evident or perfectly clear we should still persevere to set aside a time and place to meet with God and seek his truth and direction.

Adventure Together  

Art can be more than just a picture on a wall. As a child art was an inspiration for creativity and invention as well as a tool to connect with friends and family.

"Adventure Together" is a playful dedication to our youth.


Denim Artisan Saturday


Join Art Renew Saturday, November 28th from 12pm – 5pm for an artisan event.  Hand-painted christmas cards will be available for purchase. 20% of your purchase supports Denim and an additional 10% will be donated to a local charity to support those in need this holiday season.  Looking forward to seeing you there! 18 E […]

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Art and Value. A Christian Perspective.


In silence and filled with peacefulness I sat in the muted light of a cool circular room adorned with monolithic canvases painted in dark velvet color blocks stretching from floor to ceiling. I was impressed with a sense of respect and reverence which seemed to infuse this space. Some visitors had come to find a […]

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Paper Garden Craft Set


Spring time is here. Naturally I was inspired by the season to create this unique craft to help you connect with your community. Invite your neighbors to color, cut, and play with this adorable paper garden set.  Download the free PDF here. GardenSet #neighborsmatter    

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Madrioni Chalk Art


Sixth Downtown Redlands Art Walk scheduled March 29.  The City of Redlans will present the sixth Downtown Redlands Art Walk from noon to 6pm Sunday, March 29, in Historic Downtown Redlands. The event will feature a community madrioni – or street painting – festival, hosted by the Redlands Cultural Arts Commission. Art Renew will be […]

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Christmas Home Tour


I am always looking for something different to do to celebrate Christmas! Crosspoint Church in Chino, CA has mixed a wonderful new tradition of touring exquisitely decorated homes and giving to those in need during the holiday. Art Renew is happy to sell art from Melanie Papp to help raise funds for Crosspoint's charity Beautiful Gate Lesotho. […]

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DTR Artwalk


Join Art Renew this Sunday, October 26th from 12p-4pm at JD Myers 122 E. State Street in downtown Redlands, CA for an art walk. We will feature an ecclasia of Melanie Papp's art to support Beautiful Gate Lesotho and City Alive Inc. Come anytime to meet the artist and purchase art that gives back. Paintings and cards will […]

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Building Bridges


Art Renew invites you to join us and City Alive Inc. for a fall dinner fundraiser.  Join us Tuesday, the fourteenth of October two thousand and fourteen from six o'clock to seven thirty in the evening.  The River Christian Reformed Church 459 E Highland Ave. Redlands, CA 92373 Eat when you arrive. Entertainment includes live music, […]

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Party in the Plaza Art Walk


Art Renew is thrilled to partner with Yucaipa Christian Church for our first ever Art Walk! August the twenty third, two thousand fourteen from 11am – 3pm join us for a family friendly community event at 12954 Bryant Street. Party in the Plaza! ALL games, music, rides, petting zoo and inflatables are FREE! Food vendors will […]

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  After taking a spiritual gifts test in high school I discovered that one of my spiritual gifts was leadership. The rest of the world had another idea.   In college I participated in my first group interview. I applied to be a leader for Quest, Calvin College's student orientation program. The interview was structured […]

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